Friday, August 5, 2011

Settling in.

My camera is in a box somewhere. My goal is to find it today, though I have lots of goals for the day, so lets hope it gets done. It has been a busy week filled with a few unexpected surprises, but all in all, we are thrilled to be home. The house is still a state of disarray, towers of boxes in every corner and still working on finishing painting. But, the kids now are settled in their own rooms, their toys that they haven't seen in months are unpacked and being played with, and their bikes litter the driveway.

The move went really well. We are incredibly grateful for everyone who helped us. It was quick, and almost free of disaster (except for the hole in couch and scratch in the floor). At times it was almost kind of fun.

Huge thanks go out to....

All three of my brothers and their  respective wives/significant other. Paul, thanks for going back a second time to get the rest of the load we couldn't fit on your truck. Sorry I got the wrong wings. I owe ya. Erin and April, you guys are AWESOME. Unpacking the kids stuff, assembling the crib, pulling staples, unloading the truck, you did it all. Christine, it was so nice to have the big kids out of way for the day and having a blast with Drew and MaryAnn. They came home exhausted, and excited to tell us about their day. Peter, thanks for giving up valuable weekend time to help us. We know you are super busy in the summer, and were thrilled to have you help! And Andrew, I know your brothers think you are the weak one, but I think you proved them wrong. Thank you.

To Jim, our former neighbor, for giving up a Saturday to help us, and his wife, Melissa, for being okay with him being here when I am sure they had plenty to do at their own house. We really, really appreciate it and would like you guys to buy a house in our new neighborhood. We miss you. Can you work on that?

To Chris, for helping both Friday night and Saturday morning. It was so nice to get the first load out of the way on Friday night. Too bad it was the heaviest stuff! Thank you. I owe you a coffee.

To Missy, who has been with our kids more this past week than we have. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I still am adjusting to the excitement of living five minutes from you, how nice was it to switch kids the other day when our carpet was being cleaned? Or when I brought Charlotte over to nap because the handyman was putting a ceiling fan in her room. My kids are so lucky to have you, as are we.

To Kate and Bill....for doing more for us than I could even list. You have been with us through this entire process; helping us sell our house, viewing every potential house with us, moving out of our old house into storage, and now moving into this house. Throw in taking our dog for 6 weeks, providing us with a moving truck, painting rooms, the list goes on, and on, and on. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

To my parents, for letting the five of us invade your house for six weeks. We know that was not easy for you, and a total lifestyle adjustment. We don't know what we would have done (or where we would have gone!)  without you guys. Thanks for all the moving and unpacking help as well, the kid's toys have never been cleaner, Dad!! Mom, I owe you some cupboard cleaning one of these weekends.

To anyone I forgot or can't thank know who you are, and we wouldn't be here without you. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Once my life is organized a bit, I will be able to get back to regular blog entries! A Charlotte update is coming your way soon, as well some new pictures.

Happy weekend everyone!

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  1. Can't wait til you have your camera back! Now, try and relax :)


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