Sunday, January 9, 2011

Our crazy life

Mike and I graduated from college in 2002, started our new careers and got engaged in 2003, bought a house, a dog, and got married in 2004, had Katherine in 2005, bought a new home and dog in 2006, had Will in 2007, sat tight for a few years and then had Charlotte in 2010. 2010 was a crazy year for us, as you all know, and apparently we aren't interested in letting things settle down for a bit.

We want to move. Soon. We LOVE our location. Our neighbors are fantastic (mostly because they are more than neighbors, they are good friends), we love the proximity to all things important to us, we are even pretty happy with our house (though a 4th bedroom would really help my sleep right now; I am sure that will change as the kids get older). The main reason for wanting to relocate is school district. Charlotte has put a new dimension on what we feel is important in a district. Katherine starts kindergarten in the fall, and we would love to be in a new house so she will not have to change schools. We know that may not happen, and our ultimate goal is to move before Charlotte starts early childhood in 2.5 years.

We are shooting for putting our house on the market this spring, and crossing our fingers that it sells. We know we are dealing with a poor home market right now, and we are hoping this will work in our favor on the buying end, though it could make selling a little rough. Selling a house with 3 small children stresses the heck out of me, though what would our lives be if they weren't crazy and stressful!??!? 

Wish us luck. And send any potential home buyers our way ;-).


  1. Good Luck!!!! Are you going to be moving closer our direction??? That would be great!:) And if you need someone to watch the kids while you clean or show the house, let us know!!

  2. How's the moving plans going? If you ever need to get everyone out of the house for projects, etc. you are always welcome here to play!


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