Saturday, May 3, 2014

The Last First Birthday Party.

Today was Jack's birthday party. The last first birthday party we will plan.

We kept the party small, in comparison to years past. Lots has been going on with our extended family lately, and stress levels have been high. A small, low-key party was what we all needed.

Jack seemed to enjoy himself, which was the goal of the day. He decided he was having so much fun, he went from taking an occasional step here and there, to walking a good 10 steps across the room. He was so proud and loved the cheering from the crowd.

These two are going to get into trouble together someday...
Thanks to much to our family for helping us celebrate. Jack is one lucky little boy.

Next up? A certain little girl is going to be FOUR in just one month. Yikes, time flies.

Edited to add a picture comparison of all four of my babies on their first birthdays...

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