Thursday, May 1, 2014

My baby is one.

Dear Jack,

Well, my dear, we made it. This past year has often seemed like time has stood still. But, 365 days have passed, and today you are one. Even though many of the days have seemed long, looking back at pictures, I remember every detail of the night you were born, including the intense feelings of joy and amazement when I first laid eyes on you.

I often say, I should have known. You were born at 12:43AM, and moments after birth immediately started crying and didn't stop until I was able to nurse you. You latched on like a champ...and didn't want to let go, for THREE hours. I remember looking over at your daddy, realizing he was sound asleep and thinking to myself, wait a sec, when do I get to do that?

It turns out baby boy, 12 months later, I still have the same question. You definitely have kept us on our toes these past months. You love being held, you prefer me (mom) to anyone else, and you are still hard to please when all isn't right in your world. At almost 1-year-old, you are the first of our four children to crawl after me through the house saying "mamamamama...." over and over until I stop and pick you up. For months, the only way your daddy could make you happy was to wear you in the baby carrier. Hours on end you would spend strapped to him, the only way you wouldn't scream the entire time I was at work.

But despite all the challenges this year has brought, I would do it over in an instant. Because you my little Goober, are worth every sleepless night and every minute of crying. You are truly the perfect final piece to our family.

Your siblings have a love for you that I can only describe as unconditional. All three of them squeal with excitement when daddy brings you down from your crib in the morning. Katherine usually has her hands around your neck, hugging you the minute she sees you. Charlotte shouting, "Goobie, hi Goobie! Smile!", while Will fills your tray with cheerios from his bowl. One year later, they are still completely enamored by you, and show it every chance they get.

I look forward to seeing what the next year has in store for you. Here's to today and many more happy birthdays to come my sweet boy!


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