Friday, March 7, 2014

The fun one.

Growing up, my oldest brother was the responsible one. He was the one when left to babysit for me and my other two brothers, would have us pick a room out of a bowl and that was the room we would be responsible for cleaning that day. Then, he would sit back and supervise (*tell us what to do*) while we worked. To this day, he is still the supervisor type.

As Andrew, the oldest, entered high school and then college, he was busier with part-time jobs and school, so my second oldest brother took over the babysitting duties at home.

He was the fun one. No more cleaning on Saturday mornings. Instead, it was kind of a free for all. Often, he would be busy with his friends and my little brother and I were left to our own devices. As kids, we thought this was great. I am sure my parents were less than pleased...especially when a fun game of wrestling ended with a broken leg for my little brother. Whoops.

Already at their young ages, I see a similar pattern forming with my own children. Katherine, the oldest, is the responsible one, the one who likes to be in charge. I am pretty sure if she needed to, she could run our household. Will, most definitely, is the fun one. I love watching him with the younger two because unlike his older sister who tries to tell them what to do, Will gets down on the floor, makes goofy sounds with Jack to make him laugh, and "wrestles" with Charlotte. I snapped this picture the other day, and every time I look at it, I smile. It so captures Will's role in our family.

*Charlotte is still sporting her "Cat in the hat" face paint from school ;)

Hopefully no broken bones will result in Will's quest to have fun with his siblings.

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