Monday, September 2, 2013

See ya, summer!

Another summer is done. Tonight, backpacks are lined up, clothes are laid out and the anticipation of the first day of school tomorrow is high.

We returned from our annual "up north" vacation yesterday, and took today to unpack and unwind before diving into our school year routine tomorrow. Katherine is going to be a 2nd grader, Will a kindergartener, and our baby girl is gearing up for her first year of preschool. Mike said to me earlier, "you mean, you will have 3 hours tomorrow morning with just Jack?" I stifled a laugh as I thought about that statement....just Jack? Hah! I will still have my hands full, no doubt, as though Jack is a bit easier, if all things are not aligned in his little universe, he is not a happy camper.

I have had a few requests for some current pictures of my crew, so in an attempt to keep all my readers happy, here are a few a lot of vacation pictures.

 photo file_zps6fc0eb96.jpg

 photo file_zps4bfc1603.jpg

 photo file_zpsc323cccd.jpg
This kid can SWIM! She spent hours in the water each day!

 photo file_zpsbbffdceb.jpg

 photo file_zps3637d068.jpg

 photo file_zps4ee847f6.jpg

 photo file_zps71872af0.jpg

 photo file_zps8248cb34.jpg

 photo file_zpsf9beb5e3.jpg

 photo file_zps22b3e327.jpg
Teaching Papa his letters. 

 photo file_zpsddb86c80.jpg

 photo file_zps4379f546.jpg
Katherine's big catch.

 photo file_zpsf39f9a48.jpg
Will's big catch.

 photo file_zps029cc73d.jpg

 photo file_zpsaf1fe4de.jpg
The sign of a good vacation...sleeping kids on the way home!

Check back tomorrow or the next day and I will let you know how Charlotte's (& Katherine and Will's) first day of school goes...I am trying hard to suppress any feelings of anxiety that I have. I know my girl is going to do great, she is ready for this!

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