Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

To say I am thankful for all I have is an understatement. My husband, my children, my family, my friends. I am a pretty lucky girl. Last Thanksgiving, I made a list of everything I was thankful for; re-reading it, I realized it is still relevant. A lot of the list was dedicated to Charlotte's repaired heart and health, and I can say that is still true, however, something I rarely think about anymore. Charlotte continues to amaze me daily, she brings such joy to my life, and though she doesn't know it, she teaches me more than any book or class in school ever has. Life lessons, things that make me a better mother, wife, and friend.

I do have two big additions to my "thankful list" this year. First, this past year, we were incredibly blessed to be able to move to a house that better suits our needs and more importantly is in a wonderful school district. Though the months of selling/moving/buying/moving again were incredibly stressful, we couldn't be happier with where we ended up. I am so incredibly grateful for all who helped us make what we thought was impossible, possible.

The second, is a wonderful new friend. I was told after Charlotte's birth that one thing we had to look forward to was meeting incredible new people within the "Down syndrome community." And while I have "met" many new friends online, it took me a little bit to feel comfortable with this in real life. I met Kathleen this past year after her daughter, Emily (ironically!), was born with an extra chromosome. We quickly found we had quite a bit in common; both our girls are the third born in our families, and our older children are the same ages (in fact her daughter Lily is only 3 days older than Katherine!), among other things. She often thanks me for the help I have been to her these past six months, however, she needs to realize she has been just as therapeutic for me. I have a lot of good friends, however, I can't tell you how invaluable it is to have someone who gets "it." And while we are both busy moms of three trying to balance family, work, and everything in between, and we aren't able to see each other or talk as much as we may like, I am so incredibly grateful to know there is someone  out there I can call when I need to vent/cry/whine about that extra chromosome or share in my joy and really understands the magnitude of each new milestone Charlotte hits. I am incredibly grateful for our new friends.

I could continue to write about all I am blessed to have in my life, however, my children are getting antsy and need breakfast, and the paper with all the Black Friday ads is calling to me. I think there may be a cup of coffee with my name on it as well. Later we head to my parent's house to spend Thanksgiving with family, it is sure to be a good time (however, cross your fingers for a Packer win, otherwise it might put a damper on the festivities).

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Thank you for your continued support!



  1. Happy Thanksgiving! I LOVE that picture!!! Perfect :)

  2. We love Kathleen and Emily too!!! Our PJ and Emily are destined to be prom dates together!!!


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