Friday, December 17, 2010

How's Charlotte?

It has been awhile since I wrote about Charlotte's health. The reason being, she is doing so darn well, there isn't much to report. Our doctor visits have slowed dramatically, with only a 6-month well check in the past two months. She is growing well, as of a few days ago she is just over 14 pounds  and 26 inches long and while her BMI is in the 3rd percentile, this isn't too concerning as she is holding her growth curve. She actually weighs more than Katherine did at 6 months, I think we just make long and lean girls.

We are working on sitting and gaining core muscle strenghth. She loves being on the floor, and spends a ton of time on her tummy. She is pretty strong, and is on the fast track to being able to sit on her own.

Charlotte hates solid foods so far. She spits everything we try back out. I don't know if she has yet to swallow anything. In her defense, we have been a bit lazy about practicing. After all, she is the third child, who has time for baby food? Hopefully after the holidays when things settle down a bit we can work through her spitting issues.

The New Year is going to bring lots of doctor appointments. All routine checks, but it is crazy how many we already have scheduled. In January we go to the ophthalmologist for a vision screening, February is the Developmental Heart Clinic follow-up, the ENT for a hearing test, and the plastic surgeon to talk about when her surgery for her finger separation is going to be (we are thinking April or May). In March we have her 9-month well check, and early April brings her cardiologist appointment. Throw in a blood test every two months to check her thyroid levels and a bunch of PT appointments and we are already quite busy and 2011 isn't even here yet!
This is what Charlotte thinks of all the doctor appointments...

Stay tuned...


  1. She's such a cutie, I was so excited to be able to snuggle her last week! So glad she is doing so well.


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