Thursday, December 22, 2016

Charlotte’s Mermaid

Watching Katherine & Charlotte's relationship grow and change over the past few years has been incredibly heartwarming. Below is an essay Katherine wrote about Charlotte at school.

Charlotte’s Mermaid
By: Katherine, age 11

The greatest happiness is family happiness. On my bookshelf is a piece of pottery I made. It was the word Peace, painted in all different patterns and colors. The cheery pinks and yellows. The unique patterns Aunt Katie had helped me with. I will always remember that piece; not because I’ll always have it, but what happened while I was painting it.

To start, My Aunt Katie had taken me and my little sister, Charlotte, to Soul Fire Art Studio. We were sitting at a brown and blue table by one of the windows. Charlotte was painting a statue of a Mermaid. I thought her mermaid, Ariel, was perfect. She loves Barbies and princesses.

“Okay Charlotte. It’s time to paint the mermaid’s top.”

Next, Katie opened the blue paint, dried flakes getting all over her hands. She took one of the brushes, and dipped it into the paint. I was painting the last layer of paint over the E in Peace. I stroked it slowly, watching the patterns the brush made on the pottery.

Aunt Katie handed the blue paintbrush to Charlotte. She began messily painting Ariel’s detailed top. They looked like seashells. Suddenly, Charlotte started painting Ariel’s stomach blue!

“Charlotte!” Katie exclaimed.

My jaw dropped in surprise. I put down my paintbrush on the palate. After I took a good look at the mermaid’s blue stomach, I picked up my paintbrush.

“Silly girl!”

Charlotte began laughing hysterically. I giggled as I painted the A in Peace. The smell of paint lingered in the air as we laughed. I couldn’t exactly explain how the paint smelled, but it made the air feel dry. I did know that Charlotte was happy, very happy.

“Katherine, Watch your sister. I need to go get a tan color. Ariel can’t have a turquoise belly,” said Aunt Katie.

She tickled Charlotte once more, and walked toward the shelves that held small jars of paint. I got up from my spot at the table, and gave Charlotte a big hug. She hugged me back. Charlotte was still laughing.

“Your da best sister in da world,” said Charlotte.

“You are the best sister, too,” I said to my sister.

To this day, Charlotte’s Ariel sits on the brown dresser in her room. Katie couldn’t erase all the turquoise from Ariel’s stomach, but Charlotte doesn’t care. That’s who she is: A funny little six year old girl. Who is also my favorite and only sister. I learned that day, that seeing your family happy is the best kind of happiness. “Family is not who you call your family. Family is who has always been there for you, and loved you for who you are.”  


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