Monday, June 9, 2014


Dear Charlotte,

Oh my, baby girl. Where does the time go? Today you are four. Four years did that happen?! This past year has seem to fly by faster then the previous three, if that is even possible!

We had a great weekend celebrating both of our birthdays. I think you may be confused by when your actual birthday is, as it seems we have celebrated multiple times over during the past week, but hey, why shouldn't we? We have lots to celebrate.

Saturday was your birthday party. Like Jack's party last month, we kept is small and simple. And frankly, I am so glad we did. You were in your element. The ecstatic look on your face the entire day as you played with your siblings and cousins in your new pool and on the swing set was perfect. Pretty sure there wasn't much more you could have asked for; a day outside, good snacks & dinner, followed by a cake with the five inches of frosting you ordered.

Not a fan of everyone singing to don't like being the center of attention :)
It was incredibly fun watching you open your presents this year. You opened them when you and each of your guests felt fit, not all at once. It was truly the birthday party that kept on giving. It didn't matter if you were opening bubbles or a sprinkler or your new swing or favorite blocks or a hot pink pair of googles; your reaction was the same, amazing amounts of glee & delight, followed by immense gratitude towards the gift giver. Missy said it best, "Charlotte is the kid you want to give gifts to, as she loves and appreciates each one so much!"

Tucker loved the "fruit swords!"

This past year you have grown so much; physically, socially, academically, verbally...actually pretty much all around growth! It has been fun watching you leave the last stages of toddlerhood behind and blossom into a delightful little girl. A girl with opinions about what you want, when you want it, and how you are going to get it. You are pretty strong willed, and have no problems communicating your desires with us.

Your amaze me with your ability to empathize with others as such a young age. A few weeks ago, I took both you and Jack for routine annual blood work. You went first, chatted up a storm with the tech taking your blood, didn't shed a tear, and thanked her when she was done. Then it was Jack's turn...he didn't do quite so well. Jack started crying as soon as the tech looked at him. His crying escalated to full out wailing before the needle even hit his skin, and I am sure you remember how loud he was screaming when he was actually poked. While I was trying to comfort Jack, I looked over at you; sitting in your stroller, with your new Frozen sticker stuck to your shirt, and your lower lip was quivering. Big tears started to roll down your face, and you kept saying "Boo boo, it is okay, it is okay boo boo." You hate seeing others in distress, pain, or upset. When he was done, you came over gave him an hug and wouldn't let go.

In April, after your tonsil/adenoids surgery, I went back to the recovery room to see you after you had woken up. I had been prepared to see you upset, as a lot times when kids come out of anesthesia  they are disorientated and inconsolable. Not you. You were awake, smiling, and greeted me with a "hi Mom!" Your nurse told me that you were the most polite and sweet kid she had ever taken care of; you even thanked her for taking your blood pressure. I smiled and agreed.

I should really write down all of the crazy, funny, clever things you say. Your ability to communicate with us and others this year has increased exponentially. Last week, I went upstairs to get you after your nap (which these days, it is more of a rest time, as you rarely sleep), and there was white stuffing all over your room. I asked you what happened, and what stuffed animal did the stuffing come from? You responded with, "Oh no!! It is snowing!!" I went up to put you down for nap and found your stuffed dinosaur with your bandaid that was on your knee last week, across his neck seam. Sure enough, dino had a big hole under his bandaid and was missing quite a bit of stuffing.

At the beginning of May, we sat down for your annual IEP meeting. It came up that you hadn't met one of your goals, which was "Be able to answer the question, what is your name?" Your teachers and therapists had been trying for weeks to get you to answer this question. Silly really, as you know your name, and we let them all know this. I continued on to tell your team about the swim story (which I have mentioned a few times on this blog), and all of a sudden everyone was laughing and lightbulbs were going on, you indeed were telling them each time that your name was swim. Why? Because you think (and know) you are funny. Your sense of humor is crazy, and keeps us laughing.

Thank you my girl, thank you for being you. I could go on and on with stories from this year that have blown us away, made us laugh, or reminded us what a crazy, polite, strong-willed, smart little girl you have become.

What lies ahead for you? A summer filled with camp, zoo trips, parks, birthday parties, swimming lessons, a few road trips...and this fall, 4 year-old kindergarten. I look forward to this next year. Can't wait.

Happy birthday my love,

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Cake. And frosting too.

My girl's birthday is fast approaching. Here are her thoughts on the upcoming event. As you can see, she is also quite a help in the kitchen, and is always there asking me what I am cooking and if she can help.