Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Polar Vortex

I learned something new a few days ago. The meaning of "polar vortex." And while I could go into detail and explain it, in a nutshell for me, it means that my kids had off of school for 2 days. Wind chills have been measuring about 50 below zero...it is not just cold, it is dangerously cold (at least that is what the meteorologists have drilled in my head the last two days). Too cold for school. Too cold to really even leave the house. Yes we live in Wisconsin, but apparently even we are too wimpy for this weather!

We haven't left the house since Sunday, and I have pulled out all the stops to keep the four kiddos entertained....here is a sampling.

Piano recitals

Definite bonus of having the baby whisperer home....

Lego building

"Swimming" in the big tub (Charlotte was mad she had to get out)

Letter stamping

More arts and crafts...



Cookie baking

Measuring the flour all by himself...eek! 

A few hours ago we hit zero degrees...yippee! We are getting a bit stir crazy, time for our regular routine to resume. Stay warm everyone.

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