Monday, December 30, 2013

Family Fun Day

Mike has had off the last week, and in between Christmas celebrations and sick kids ( has hit 3/4ths of our children thus far!), we managed to throw in a day of family fun.

First stop, Miller Park. Uncle Peter & Aunt April gave Will an authentic Brewers jersey, with a gift certificate to embroider any name he wanted on that back. We dropped it off at the proshop and had lunch at Fridays while we waited. The result was awesome, and while I don't want to post the picture of him in his new jersey on a public blog (he choose to put his own name on it), rest assured, he was thrilled.

Hanging with Bernie Brewer. 

We then moved onto the mall where both the girls had a chance to use gift cards they had accumulated. First stop, Justice, where Katherine picked out some new headphones and the world's gaudiest, teal sweatshirt. She was please with her purchases.

Then, to Build-A-Bear. Charlotte choose a pony to stuff. The process was a bit overwhelming for her, though, I can't say I blame her, that machine they use to stuff the bears is just....odd. She stood back and watched her siblings do the work. 

She did get into giving the Pony a bath, however.

And naming it. Pony's name is...wait for it...."Pony." (The older kids thought she would surely name it "Swim," but apparently Charlotte likes to keep us on our toes.)

Meet "Pony." He also has a musical foot. You press it and it sings One Direction's "You don't know you're beautiful." Charlotte breaks out the dance moves each time she hears it.

On the way home we swung by a local winery and picked up a case of our favorite wine, a belated Christmas gift to ourselves. Katherine commented that everyone in the family got to do something or get something fun...except Jack. Whoops. Stinks to be the youngest. 

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