Thursday, January 24, 2013

Still here.

I know it has been a couple weeks since my last entry. No worries, we are all well and things here are status quo. This "growing a human" thing is hard work when you already have three kids. I am beat by the end of the day and usually fighting to keep my eyes open by 8pm.

We had a great time in the Dells with both my family and the Neuharths. We didn't get a whole ton of great pictures, but I can assure you the kids had a great time. All three of my kids are love the water and would swim daily if they could!

 photo file-45.jpg

The older kids both attempted a ropes course. Katherine *says* she liked it, but didn't crack a smile the entire time she was up there. Will made it through the first couple obstacles and decided he needed to wait until his legs were a bit longer before trying again.

 photo file-44.jpg

Now that we have returned from our mini-vacation, we enjoying (note sarcasm here) the freezing cold temperatures of winter in Wisconsin (Tuesday the temperature in my car read -13 degrees).

Will started a new preschool at the beginning of January and he is doing really well. His 4K class is held at a local elementary school, and drop off/pick up involves a loooong walk through the school, all the way to the back. I fight the urge to put Charlotte in the stroller on a daily basis, as I know her PT thinks the long daily walk/runs are great at building Charlotte's strength. Problem is, her endurance isn't quite there yet and she usually ends up sitting down halfway through, and I am stuck lugging a 30-pound toddler (with low-tone...making her feel heavier!) through the school a couple times a day. But, we will keep trying, and hopefully she will master this walk before I can no longer physically lug her through the school!

Speech for Charlotte is still exploding; one of her newest words is an attempt at Katherine's name...though, it comes out "Ka-kee," which sounds exactly like cocky. Mike and I still chuckle every time she says it, especially because Katherine thinks it is the coolest thing ever and has no idea what the word "cocky" means. Other favorite words of  Charlotte's: color (and all color words to go with it, she is getting really good at identifying her colors), doggy, Missy ("sissy"), up please! (while patting my lap with a book in one hand, and the other one pointed at the ceiling), backpack (she has become a huge Dora the Explorer fan), and Papa.

Mom-duty is calling. My 5 year-old is bugging me to play a game. Hopefully my next blog post will be before spring ;-)!

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