Wednesday, November 10, 2010

4 weeks ago today...

Four weeks ago today, Charlotte had her open heart surgery. It is still AMAZING to me how fast she has healed. She is back to log-rolling across the family room, pushing up on her arms, and even trying to get her knees up under her. The only difference in her today from 4 weeks ago is the scar that runs down her chest, and even that looks pretty dang good. Check it out.

For those wondering, she didn't have any external stitches or staples. They used dissolvable stitches on the inner layers, then glue and steri strips on the outside. Her last strip fell off a few days ago, and pretty soon we will be able to give her a regular bath again. The little scar underneath the big one is from one of her chest tubes (the other one was on her side). Katherine thought her incision looked like a zipper with the steri strips on, so she now informs everyone that her baby sister has a zipper. Pretty amazing.


  1. She is absolutely amazing! Love the picture.

  2. Charlotte looks wonderful and spunky as ever! It is an amazing recovery, so proud of her and you all, what a major hurdle to have behind you! Love K's comment about Charlotte having a zipper, so cute!

  3. WOW you were right the incision looks amazing!!! You can hardly see it! Was so good to see you two this weekend, and hold that little pumpkin:) See ya soon for turkey day!!!


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