Monday, June 8, 2020

A decade.

Ten years ago, right around this time, I started to have an inkling that our baby girl wasn't going to make us wait three more weeks until her due date. I had spent my 30th birthday with my family and good friends at our a favorite restaurant, and had settled in to watch the season finale of "Glee."
Early the next afternoon Charlotte made her crazy quick and wild appearance in this world, and taught me a lesson that seemed to become the motto of my 30's; despite all good intentions and planning, life is unpredictable, and a lot of times out of my control. This was not an easy lesson for my very type A personality, but it seems to get easier as I age.
As she enters her second decade of life and I start my 40s, I am so grateful for her and her love of life. She has a laugh and spirit that is contagious, a sense of humor like no other, and I can't wait to see what the next ten years bring.
Katherine loves nothing more than looking through old baby/toddler videos of Charlotte, because, to be honest, they are so flippin' cute. She spent time on Saturday picking the best ones to put together in a video. If you want to smile, check it out 😘

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  1. What a fantastic video Katherine! You captured all these memorable moments. I was trying to pick a favorite but then I'd see another favorite and decided they're all favorite--though there is one with the guitar I loved, the one on horseback, and now I'll have to go back and look again. The video is a beautiful history of ten years in the life of one special girl, Charlotte. And all through the skills and love of another special sister, Katherine. Happy Birthday, Charlotte.


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